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Warrantor whose name and address appear on paid invoice warrants mechanical and electrical parts from the date of purchase on invoice. WARNING: Warranty is void if part is altered, disassembled, or overheated. In event of defect promptly notify the warrantor. Warrantor will at warrantors option, warrantor will refund or replace within a reasonable time will replace the mechanical part. Mechanical parts must be free and clear of any liens or other expenses. WARNING: the warranty does not extend to commercial use. THE OBLIGATIONS OF THE WARRANTOR ARE LIMITED TO REPLACEMENT OR REFUND. IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE ARE LIMITED TO THE SAME DAYS AS THE LIMITED WRITTEN WARRANTY. WARRANTOR SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO INSTALLATION, REMOVAL, OR USE OF THIS MERCHANDISE. This is the only warranty given by the warrantor. The warranty gives you specific legal rights.
Non-defective parts returned subject to a 35% restocking fee.
  • No Refunds on Electrical Parts
  • No Returns on altered, damaged, or overheated parts.
  • No labor warranty or reimbursement.
  • Cores not accepted incomplete.
  • $20 Service Charge on Returned Checks.
  • No returns or deposit refunds on special order parts.

All Claims must include the original invoice.

Parts are warranted to be working properly at time of purchase.  Warranty does not cover abuse, inexperience of installing party, or any labor or material losses incurred during installation.

Engines are sold as good running long blocks.  They are left complete as a convenience, we cover no labor for exchanging parts to make it fit the customer’s vehicle.  Warranty is void if engine is overheated or run low on oil.

Transmission pump seals, gaskets and filters must be replaced before installing.  The torque converter must be properly aligned with pump unit and trans-cooler must be thoroughly flushed.  This is the customer’s responsibility!  Failure to do so will void warranty, in the event an attorney is retained to bring suit for collection of and sums due, the purchaser agrees pay costs of collection, court and attorney fees.

In keeping with today’s environmental concerns all cores and exchanges must be drained of all fluids or be subject to a $5.00 recycling charge.

Limited Warranty: Warrantor whose name and address appears above warrants mechanical part for see above from date of purchase.  WARNING: Warranty VOID if part is altered, dissembled, or overheated.  In event of defect promptly notify Warrantor.  Warrantor will at Warrantors option, refund or within a reasonable time replace the mechanical part.  Mechanical parts must be free and clear of any liens or other expenses.